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4V100 series two-position five-way single electron
  • 4V100 series two-position five-way single electron
Product details

Product introduction

4V100 series two-position five-way single-head dual-position solenoid valve, the main features are low power consumption, pilot valve and main valve concentrated exhaust, the product is small in size, beautiful in appearance and sensitive in action.

structure size

Technical Parameters


Bit numberTwo five-wayThree five-wayTwo five-wayThree five-way
Effective cross-sectional area10mm²(Cv=0.56)7mm²(Cv=0.40)12mm²(Cv=0.67)9mm²(Cv=0.5)


Bit numberTwo-position three-wayTwo-position three-way

Effective cross-sectional area10mm²(Cv=0.56)12mm²(Cv=0.67)

Take overIntake = outgas = exhaust = M5 × 0.8Intake = Outlet = Exhaust = G1/8"

Working mediumFiltered air through 40 microns

Mode of actionInternal pilot

use pressure0.15~0.8MPa

Maximum pressure resistance1.2MPa

Operating temperature-5~50℃

voltage range±10%

power consumptionAC:2.5VA  DC:2.5W

Insulation and protection levelF级.IP65

Wiring formOutgoing or terminal

Maximum operating frequency5 times per second

Minimum excitation time0.05秒

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