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Energy saving reduces coil temperature rise and im
  • Energy saving reduces coil temperature rise and im
Product details

Reduce the coil temperature rise and increase the coil power dual power module.

  structure size


Technical Parameters

Use range: (H type: AC 100V-280V 50/60Hz, 10-28W 1A)Power Supply: (Model H:AC 100V-280V 50/60Hz,10-28W 1A)
(L type: AC / DC 12V-36V, AC / 50HZ, 10-50W 2A)(Model L:AC /DC 12V-36V,AC/ 50HZ,10-50W 2A)
(LA type: AC 37V-60V 50/60Hz, 10-28W 1A)(Model LA:AC 37V-60V 50/60Hz,10-28W 1A)
Power boost: 20%~300%* (only for communication)Power upgrade:20%~300%*(Only used to AC)
Energy efficiency: 15%-85%*. Can greatly reduce the coil temperature rise problem.Energy efficiency:15%-85%*。
High power start-up time 0.3-2.5 seconds*High-power start-uo time:0.3-2.5second
Switch interval 0.7-5 seconds*.Switching interval:0.7-5秒*
Connection method DIN43650ATermination:DIN43650A
Protection class IP65 Ambient temperature: -25°C~90°CClass Protection:IP65    Operating Termination: -25℃~90℃

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