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Ningbo Bi Rui Bao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has an excellent team of more than 20 years of design and development experience, focusing on the design, development and production of automotive automatic transmission solenoid valves, and is committed to global sales and after-sales service. At present, more than 20 different types of automatic transmission solenoid valves have been successfully developed and put into production. For example, automatic transmission solenoid valves such as AT/CVT/GSD have been mass-produced. Our company will provide you with a well-designed high-quality automatic transmission solenoid valve assembly, which will bring you rich profits and market development potential!

The automatic transmission solenoid valve is a special product of our company. At the same time, our company is also a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of automatic components such as wire magnetic ring and special solenoid valve. Most of the products are used in the field of pneumatic and hydraulic control components. At present, our products have been used by many international famous brands, and are trusted by customers...

Companies adhere to the "expert quality, global trust" business philosophy, adhere to the "pursuit of quality, never-ending" business purposes, quality is always our philosophy than Ruibao people, the company set up research and development centers, testing rooms, laboratories, The chemical analysis room launches a number of high-tech products every year. The company's own research and development capabilities are strong, laying a good foundation for customers' new product development and cooperation.

First-class talents, advanced equipment, strict quality control system, scientific management, perfect service, and strong R&D capabilities allow us to join hands and strive to be the pioneer of the industry and win the future together.

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