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Ningbo bi rui bao electronic technology co., LTD. It has 20 years experience of research and development team, specialized in automobile automatic transmission solenoid valves research and development, production, and is committed to global after-sale service sales .AT present, we have successfully developed and put into production more than 20 gearbox solenoid valve products, such as AT/CVT/GSD and other transmission solenoid valves. We are dedicated to the customer with high quality automatic transmission solenoid valve assembly, at the same time we will bring your market profit and development potential!

Automatic transmission solenoid valve is our characteristic products, and the production of wire and the magnetic ring , other special solenoid valve for automation ......

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Working principle and function of air suspension solenoid valve
Working prin

  The air suspension solenoid valve is a solenoid valve used in an air suspension.


The working principle of the air suspension solenoid valve:

The working principle of the air suspension solenoid valve is to change the height of the vehicle by using an air compressor to form compressed air and sending the compressed air to the air chamber of the spring and the damper. A vehicle height sensor is arranged in the vicinity of the front wheel and the rear wheel. According to the output signal of the vehicle height sensor, the microcomputer determines the change of the height of the vehicle body, and then controls the compressor and the exhaust valve to compress or elongate the spring, thereby reducing The effect of the vibration.

The role of the air suspension solenoid valve:

The air suspension solenoid valve gives the car more spirituality. When you are driving at high speeds, the suspension can be hardened to improve the stability of the car; while driving on low-speed roads for a long time, the control unit softens the suspension to improve the comfort of the car.

Automotive carbon canister solenoid valve common fault phenomenon description
Automotive c

Automobile canister solenoid valve

The carbon canister on the car uses the adsorption of activated carbon to collect fuel vapor to avoid waste. When the car can be activated, the solenoid valve is opened, and the adsorbed fuel vapor is released to the intake pipe and enters the engine for combustion.

Description of common fault phenomena of automobile carbon canister solenoid valve:

1. The car has a large gasoline smell

Fault phenomenon: At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pipeline of the canister system is broken. If the pipeline is broken, the gasoline vapor will be directly discharged into the atmosphere along the broken crack, resulting in a large smell of gasoline in the vehicle.

2. The engine is off or not easy to ignite

Fault phenomenon: The engine is difficult to ignite, or it is easy to ignite and extinguish immediately. At this time, pay attention to check the canister solenoid valve that may cause problems.

3. The engine idling is high and low, and the acceleration is weak.

Symptom: After the engine is started, the idle speed is regularly high and low, and the car is not able to accelerate. At this time, pay attention to whether the air inlet of the canister and the filter are blocked.

The main role of automotive air conditioning solenoid valve
The main rol


The main functions of automotive air conditioning solenoid valves are as follows:

1. The solenoid valve used in the air conditioner is generally composed of an electromagnetic coil and a magnetic core, and includes a valve body of one or several holes (a three-way valve for cooling and heating, etc.), when the electric coil is energized or de-energized, The magnetic core action control valve body is opened and closed; the electromagnetic coil is directly mounted on the valve body, and the magnetic core is enclosed in the sealed tube.

2, air conditioning solenoid valve is generally direct-acting type, there are 220v AC, DC 24v, the diameter is generally 3-25mm and other specifications; when the air conditioner starts, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to open the valve, the refrigerant begins to cycle; When the temperature is set, the solenoid valve coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the refrigerant circulation is turned off to adjust the temperature.

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